Tanzid will never forget his year in the 4th grade at the Morse School in Cambridge. The year was full of challenges, changes, and growth for Tanzid as he moved from his home country of Bangladesh to the United States. Immersed in an entirely new and very different culture, Tanzid faced many diverse changes: adjusting to a new education system, learning a different language, and trying to engage a new culture.

In addition to all those changes, Tanzid also learned the importance of staying active and healthy -- the core values taught through the CYCLE Kids program. Tanzid explained that many people do not have the opportunity to learn how to ride a bike in the crowded streets of his hometown, Dhaka, and he had not been on a bike before the CYCLE Kids program. In his winning essay, Tanzid expressed how lucky he feels to have learned this new skill.

A dedicated, motivated young boy, Tanzid showed his classmates and gym teacher that he had the determination to learn how to ride on his own. In the hot June sun, without any help, Tanzid pushed and pedaled during gym class on the unstable grass of a nearby park until he finally got the hang of riding. By the end of the class Tanzid was enjoying the rush of riding, the wind in his face, and was keeping up with his classmates – even the kids who had been riding for years!

Tanzid’s essay expressed his recognition of the importance in leading an active lifestyle, and continuing his newfound interest in biking. He explained how excited he would be to ride to school on his own, brand new bike and use it to get in better physical shape. CYCLE Kids is proud to award Tanzid his new bike. His dedication as a student, motivation, positivity, and appreciation of the CYCLE Kids program makes him a perfect fit as an essay contest winner.

Julianne Idlet