When Grafton third-grader Aidan asked his father to contact us in search of a children’s cycling team, we knew this kid was special. Inspired by his dedication to the sport, we invited him to our office so we could learn more about him, and award him the title of Honorary CYCLE Kid.

Aidan and his two brothers have been riding since they were toddlers -- a love instilled by their father who is an avid runner and cyclist. Aidan’s favorite time to ride is during his dad’s daily runs, but according to his father, “Aidan zooms right by me now- I can’t keep up!”

Aidan not only shares our joy of riding, but our passion to teach it. Aidan’s mother came outside one day to find her younger son mysteriously riding on two wheels. When she inquired as to where the training wheels went, Aidan explained that he had borrowed a screwdriver from dad, removed the training wheels, and taught  and his brother how to ride without them.

For Aidan, the best part of cycling is the races. He’s the youngest tri-athlete we’ve met, although he’s not a big fan of swimming. With his father’s help, he’s been searching for a kids’ racing team, but participates independently in races across the state in the meantime. Sometimes he races with his brothers and friends just for fun.

The CYCLE Kids staff enjoyed getting to know Aidan and we’re excited to see him wear his new CYCLE Kids jersey in his next race!

Julianne Idlet