Meet Lauren, Our Social Media and Marketing Intern


Tomorrow is my last day as a CYCLE Kids Intern. Six months ago, I became a Social Media and Marketing Intern through the Northeastern University Co-op program. Without any real office work experience, I came to CYCLE Kids with skills navigating Facebook, Twitter, and most blog pages, yet I had no idea how much of a learning experience this assignment would be. When people asked me what I was doing, I gave a basic response: “I’m working at a non-profit called CYCLE Kids as their Social Media Intern. They integrate bike programs into elementary school gym classes to lower rates of childhood obesity and diabetes.” But when I submerged myself in the work, a whole new understanding grew.

Since beginning this internship, I’ve met some amazingly passionate people. Everyone associated with CYCLE Kids is excited about what they are doing; a refreshing feeling quite different from working in retail or corporate environments. I feel particularly honored to have worked under Julie Idlet, CYCLE Kids founder and Executive Director. She gave up her corporate life to make a difference for children; it is truly inspiring to see how much effort she puts into educating children, to give them the tools to lead happier and more successful lives. Then there’s Rebekah Mueller, who dedicates so much of who she is to this company. Her heartfelt loyalty is astounding and I feel blessed to have worked with her. Both women are not only passionate, but so intelligent and really good at what they do. I couldn’t have asked for better supervisors.

It is truly amazing to see how much CYCLE Kids has grown even in my short six months here. I participated in two Annual Events, one of which was our First Annual Gala. We have finally broken into the Social Media circuit, and have made many new connections. Working for CYCLE Kids has been a life-changing experience. I learned about running an organization, worked under incredibly talented people, but I’ve also come to the realization that I’d like to work for a non-profit one day. Coming to work and knowing what I’m doing is making a difference in children’s lives has made every moment worth it.

Thank you to everyone that has made these past six months so amazing. I will miss you all!

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