Meet our 2019 Spring Classic Honorees Nigel Sylvester and Ben Serotta


We are very excited to introduce you to this year’s honorees - Nigel Sylvester and Ben Serotta!

When I met CYCLE Kids, I knew this was my opportunity to share with children what the bike means to me.
— Nigel Sylvester

Nigel Sylvester is an American professional BMX athlete from Queens, NY. He is most known for his  digital content featuring his elite riding skills around the globe. Unlike traditional BMX athletes, he does not compete and built his career through YouTube and other social media platforms. In 2014, Nigel achieved a breakthrough by becoming the first BMX athlete to be featured in the ESPN Body Issue. In 2015, he launched his travel film series, 'GO', giving viewers an immersive look at iconic cities around the world through his eyes, featuring breath-taking stunts, and like-minded creatives and athletes. The series has now expanded into a global lifestyle brand, connecting with audiences around the world with over +60M views. In 2017, Forbes Magazine recognized Sylvester in the “30 Under 30” list in the sports category.  From his first ride down his grandmother’s driveway, he was enthralled by the freedom his bicycle provided him and is forever grateful!  

Nigel will be giving back to the community by starting a GoFundMe page to raise $25k to start a CYCLE Kids program in his elementary school in Queens. “One of my goals in life is to give kids the opportunity and access to ride their own bike because I believe in the power and influence of biking. When I met CYCLE Kids, I knew this was my opportunity to make a meaningful impact with children by sharing my story and providing access to bicycles.”  We are beyond excited to have Nigel as an Honoree for this year’s CYCLE Kids Spring Classic!

I personally understand the importance of the CYCLE Kids program for children. I’ve been in the bike industry for 40 years and I still ride my bike every day. It gives me my place to dream, create, to believe in all the possibilities.
— Ben Serotta

Ben Serotta is an American professional bike designer and builder from Saratoga, NY.  Across four decades his bikes have been raced to World Championship, European and North American titles in road, mountain bike and triathlon as well as numerous Olympic competitions and of course the Tour de France. He is known for revolutionizing titanium bike building and bringing this to the world stage. Ever driven to raise performance standards, he worked directly with hundreds of elite athletes while developing a unique approach to the human/machine interface, resulting in the company’s two-pronged approach to elevating cycling performance: personalized engineering and a paradigm change in bicycle fitting methodology. Recently Ben has been busy designing and producing his newest bikes, aModoMio, and has been designing bikes for bike share systems in New York City and London.  Serotta says, "It’s not about racing, it’s about the ride."  We are honored to have a legend like Ben at the Spring Classic and to have his help with bringing more rides to CYCLE Kids!

This year's event will take place on Thursday, May 2nd from 6-9pm at Shop Studio, 528 West 39th Street in New York City.