CYCLE Kids Awards Their “Fit Kids are Happy Kids” Grant to the Better Boys Foundation in Chicago, IL



CYCLE Kids is thrilled to open their first program in Chicago at the Better Boys Foundation! The CYCLE Kids program gives bikes, helmets, and nutrition curriculum to provide their students with the education they need to lead active, healthy lifestyles.

CHICAGO--CYCLE Kids, Inc., a non-profit organization that promotes healthy lifestyles for youth and families, is elated to kick off a new program at the Better Boys Foundation. As a result of their Fit Kids Are Happy Kids National Grant, the school will be given materials to implement a CYCLE Kids program, which will educate students on bike skills, safety, and nutrition. The CYCLE Kids program is national; the curriculum is taught in 38 schools, in 8 states, and reaches over 3,000 children a year.

Founded in 2004 by Julianne Idlet, CYCLE Kids is a unique program that gives communities the knowledge and materials needed to provide hands on education to children and their families on living healthy lifestyles. The CYCLE Kids program uses the bicycle as the vehicle to teach the importance of adopting healthy, active lifestyles. The curriculum teaches students riding skills, bike maintenance, and road safety. In addition, the curriculum provides practical skills based on a child’s existing knowledge of nutrition such as portion control and how to balance a meal.

Through the CYCLE Kids program kids develop healthy lives, build new skills and confidence, form new ties with classmates, and make positive connections with mentors as well as their community. As a past student of the CYCLE Kids program says, “CYCLE Kids helps kids who don’t do a lot of exercise like to exercise, which is important for your health and body. To use bikes as a form of exercise is fun and safe to do. I also taught my family members everything I learned at the CYCLE Kids program and now they use the knowledge when they ride.”

CYCLE Kids Founder & Executive Director, Julianne Idlet, is delighted to be reaching more children through this new program, “I am overjoyed to kick off a CYCLE Kids program at the Better Boys Foundation in Chicago. It’s very exciting to see such enthusiasm from the community and I’m thrilled to add them to the CYCLE Kids family.”

CYCLE Kids is partnering with Johnny Sprockets in Chicago, to implement the program at the Better Boys Foundation. Johnny Sprockets generously donated time during their busiest season to give back to the community, and assembled the bikes students will be using in their CYCLE Kids program. With support from Manuel Tenorio and the team at Johnny Sprockets, more students will have the opportunity to call themselves a “CYCLE Kid” and the education that will prepare them to lead active, healthy lifestyle.


About CYCLE Kids, Inc.:

Julianne Idlet founded CYCLE Kids in 2004 after recognition that childhood obesity has become an escalating public health problem. 
CYCLE Kids is dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of children through an innovative, community-based educational program. Dedicated to reversing the current trends of childhood obesity, the CYCLE Kids curriculum teaches kids the importance of being physically active and making good nutrition choices. Using the simple joy of riding a bike, the program empowers children to develop positive, safe, and active lifelong habits. For more information visit the organization’s website,

About Johnny Sprockets:

Johnny Sprockets is a friendly neighborhood full service shop for all cyclists. They help people that are getting their first bike, upgrading to their dream custom build, and everything in between. The shop is a reflection of their experience and passion for cycling. For more information visit the shop’s website,


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