Meet Bob Wolf and Eli Post of the Charles River Wheelmen


The first annual CYCLE Kids Breakaway Charity Bike Ride was full of wonderful supporters, volunteers, riders, and even a little sunshine! Yes, that’s right -- Mother Nature was on our side and after almost two consecutive weeks of rain, the sun came out just in time for the ride.

While so many supporters put in a tremendous amount of work to help make the day such a success, two volunteers made this inaugural event particularly special. Bob Wolf and Eli Post of the Charles River Wheelmen were the masterminds behind the three beautiful rides that were the main event of Breakaway. Both Wheelmen devoted their time and expertise to help CYCLE Kids create the scenic routes that wound their way through the beautiful roads of Lincoln and the surrounding towns.

Eli sits on the board for the Charles River Wheelmen and has been a supporter of CYCLE Kids for several years; attributes which compelled Executive Director and Founder of CYCLE Kids, Julianne Idlet, to approach him to help her plan the rides for Breakaway. The decision was easy: he was thrilled that his contribution to this effort would help CYCLE Kids reach more children. Eli enlisted his close friend, Bob Wolf, who he knew would be the perfect partner to help him plan these routes. With Bob’s exceptional knowledge of Lincoln and the surrounding towns, along with his cycling experience and dedicated, enthusiastic personality, CYCLE Kids had a formidable team in place to plan their routes.

Creating a route is like to putting together pieces of a puzzle. Julie explained her vision for the routes and Bob immediately went to work assembling them. He made sure to make the rides challenging for the experienced riders, scenic but also accommodating for new riders, and fun for everyone. Using landmarks and landscapes, he created the 62-, 36-, and 19-mile routes. Bob and a few of his cycling buddies of course tested the routes to make sure they were flawless for Breakaway.

Both Wheelmen know the importance of educating young children to live active lifestyles, which is one reason they enjoyed helping CYCLE Kids with the Breakaway event. Both have been riding for quite some time and stress the great lifestyle that cycling offers. Not only is it a wonderful way for them to stay active and healthy, but the Charles River Wheelmen creates a social and supportive environment.

Without the help of Bob and Eli, CYCLE Kids would not have had the three fun, scenic, and challenging routes for the Breakaway event that captured Julie’s vision. They were amazing supporters from start to finish. CYCLE Kids is proud to have such wonderful volunteers that are eager to help and support the mission of CYCLE Kids to inculcate bike skills, safety, and nutrition education in the future generation of active adults.

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