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Jessi Haggerty, RD

Learn how our Nutrition Curriculum Writer Jessi Haggerty got involved with CYCLE Kids, and how she has continued to play a key role in the organization since 2008.

Jessi Haggerty is a dietitian, cook, personal trainer, writer, and sustainable food expert; and she has been a strong supporter of CYCLE Kids since her introduction to the organization in 2008. As an advocate for healthy lifestyles, Jessi automatically felt a connection when she learned of the CYCLE Kids mission and principals.

As a child, Jessi remembers riding bikes with her family. Looking back on her summers in Long Island, she fondly remembers post-dinner rides with her mom and dad to a local ice cream shop.  Nowadays, Jessi likes to get out and ride her bike along local bike paths or take long rural rides. On these adventures Jessi finds that she feels, “more relaxed and free.”

In her work as a personal trainer, she points out that “riding can be a great option for exercise- you can go farther, faster. It feels great!” Jessi also explained she sees a real benefit to the CYCLE Kids program being taught in an elementary school setting because, “it’ s so different than the ‘typically’ taught school sports and it’s a great way to inspire a child who may not be as fit or as coordinated, find a fun way to exercise.”

Jessi’s relationship with CYCLE Kids began while she was studying at Boston University.  Paula Quatromoni, DSC, MS, RD, and Associate Professor of Nutrition and Epidemiology, told her about CYCLE Kids and explained how she had helped develop the original nutrition curriculum for the CYCLE Kids program.  When Jessi learned more about CYCLE Kids, she felt a strong connection to, “a program that taught education around movement and nutrition in such a fun way.” She was instantly hooked.

During her junior and senior year, Jessi received Boston University’s Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program grant, which supported her work with CYCLE Kids Founder & Executive Director, Julianne Idlet, to redesign the original CYCLE Kids curriculum. With such similar passions, Julie and Jessi have built a collaborative relationship that has continued as a friendship in the years since.

Since finishing her time at BU, Jessi has now become a Registered Dietitian and Personal Trainer.  She uses these skills to run her own business as a health coach where she provides her clients with the tools, advice, and methodology one needs to lead a healthy, happy life. She is also working in the Marketing & Community Relationships Department at the Whole Foods of Somerville, MA.

Today, CYCLE Kids is privileged to be in 8 states, with 38 programs all across the U.S. and has successfully touched 10,000 children over the past 10 years.  Once again, Julianne and Jessi are teaming up to redevelop the CYCLE Kids curriculum even further.  This summer, they are working on adding more concepts to the existing nutrition curriculum, such as whole foods vs. processed foods, heart health, hydration and more. The CYCLE Kids mission is one that so many people identify with, and through working to improve the lives of children, the organization not only creates lasting partnerships, but lifelong friendships!


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