The Generosity of a Technology Company Helps Lawrence, MA Students

BD Volunteers.jpg

Time and time again, we have seen the power the CYCLE Kids program has to strengthen the physical and emotional health of students. The program gives children important tools and skills they may otherwise not have had an opportunity to receive.

This past February, the children and administrators at the Guilmette Elementary school in Lawrence, and Physical Education teacher Casey Grange, welcomed the CYCLE Kids program to their school. The new CYCLE Kids program kicked-off with a bike build. Students had the opportunity to assemble their new bicycles with the help of volunteers from BD, a global medical technology company located in the neighboring town of Andover who generously donated the program to the school. Casey noted that starting with the bike build, students were almost immediately better behaved and working well together.

Before implementing the CYCLE Kids program, Casey knew that "a lot of the kids had never ridden a bike before.” Now after completing the program, most of her students know how to ride. Casey also commented on the teamwork shown by students while participating in the program. Some students were timid to start riding, but "all of them were so supportive of each other, which really surprised me because we have some mean kids. They were really encouraging and did not judge anyone. They were really awesome to each other."

The experiences of both the teacher and the students at the Guilmette Elementary school demonstrates the power the CYCLE Kids program has in strengthening confidence, developing social and emotional skills, and creating excitement towards health and fitness in children. We can't wait to see what the future holds for Casey and her CYCLE Kids students at Guilmette Elementary!