Lexington Academy in East Harlem Kicks Off New CYCLE Kids Program with Bike Build Event



The innovative CYCLE Kids cycling and nutrition education program will enrich the health of children at PS 72.

Cambridge, MA, USA (April 15, 2015) – A November 2014 fundraiser in NYC featuring Olympic cyclist Evelyn Stevens made it possible for CYCLE Kids to grant their innovative cycling curriculum to the East Harlem elementary school, Lexington Academy. PhysEd teacher Chris Herrera is eager to implement the program curriculum, which ties in biking skills, fitness, and nutrition with academic achievement in the classroom. “I was thrilled to hear we would be receiving the CYCLE Kids program! I’m looking forward to the kick-off of the program with a bike build with the kids at our school on Wednesday, April 29th.”

The Lexington Academy elementary school has shown leadership in wellness education with the implementation of several successful health initiatives to benefit their students. They have won two prestigious New York City school awards, the Health Platinum Award and the Gold Award for Asthma. Their comprehensive health programming for children incorporates successful physical activity and nutrition programs, including the New York City initiative Move to Improve, City Soccer, and Cook Shop. The CYCLE Kids curriculum will be a perfect compliment to their existing programs with its focus on the benefits of physical activity and nutrition education through a bicycling lens. Principal Tony Hernandez couldn’t be happier to expand the opportunities he has made available to his students. “The CYCLE Kids program really rounds out the experiences we are seeking to give our students. Most children at the school will be learning how to ride a bike for the first time through this program. Without CYCLE Kids, these children might not know the excitement that comes from riding a bike, or the confidence and self-esteem it can instill.”

Lexington Academy continues to build an educational environment that encompasses physical activity and healthy life skills, interwoven with academic priorities. The CYCLE Kids program will help them further their mission to foster children's cognitive, emotional, and social growth with a program that transcends the arenas of education and fitness to tremendously improve children’s psychological and emotional wellbeing. Through this partnership that reinforces the importance of integrating health and wellness activities into the academic setting, Lexington Academy will provide children with a path to increased self-confidence, social skills, and strong support systems in their community.

Principal Hernandez is looking forward to implementing the CYCLE Kids program; “CYCLE Kids is a natural addition to our curriculum because it fits with our approach and enhances the wellrounded learning environment that we provide for our students. I am confident we are going to see spectacular results across the board with this new partnership for fitness and wellness,”

On April 29th, a bike build and program kick-off celebration will be held at The Lexington Academy elementary school. It will be facilitated by volunteer mechanics from the Bicycle Habitat, and will bring students, teachers, police officers, and community members together to assemble bikes for the students to use during the program.

Sponsors that helped make this program donation to the Lexington Academy possible include:

Specialized, a company that recently launched a new foundation to fight ADHD in children through cycling programs, generously donated the bikes and helmets for the program. [www.specialized.com.]

The Bicycle Habitat, a bike shop that has been integral to the NYC cycling scene since 1978; from their roots in advocacy to the of launch of kids cycling programs, they are always looking to help get more people on bikes. Special thanks to their mechanics for working with the children to build their bikes for their new program. [www.bicyclehabitat.com.]

Gentle Giant Moving Company, These strong, gentle giants make sure bikes for the CYCLE Kids programs get delivered safely. Gentle Giant Moving Company launched in MA in 1980 and is a national award winning moving company that provides exceptional customer service with the mission of making every customer a “customer for life.” [www.gentlegiant.com]

About Lexington Academy 
As a comprehensive community school, the mission of Lexington Academy is to create and maintain an environment that ensures that every member of the school community reaches a high level of academic achievement as determined by local, state, and national standards. We commit to a comprehensive system of support to assure this outcome. We will accomplish this in a collaborative environment where all members of the school community are respected and valued.

For more information about Lexington Academy, please visit: www.lexingtonacademy.info.

About CYCLE Kids 
The CYCLE Kids program breaks the cycles of inactivity, poor nutrition habits, social isolation and low self-esteem through a comprehensive physical activity and nutrition curriculum. The curriculum harnesses the exciting and engaging activity of riding a bike to help kids and families get daily physical activity, make healthier eating choices, achieve academic success, and build self confidence. Their goal is to give every child this opportunity by placing a CYCLE Kids program in every school.

For more information about CYCLE Kids, please visit: www.cyclekids.org.

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