CYCLE Kids Founder Named One of the Most Influential Women in Cycling



Julianne Idlet was listed as one of the eleven most influential women in cycling by Adventure Journal this week.

Cambridge, MA (October 19, 2015) — Julianne Idlet, the Founder and Executive Director of CYCLE Kids, has been chosen as one of the most influential women in cycling by Adventure Journal.

 Cycling has always been an important part of Julie’s life. From the time she was young, Julie would wake up early in the morning and hop on her bike before school purely to experience the joy of riding. Her passion for cycling led her to volunteer as a coach for the Harvard Cycling Team while pursuing a career in technology start-ups.  This passion for cycling ultimately lead her to create CYCLE Kids. Now, she helps schools teach children how to use a bicycle not only as a mode of transportation, but also as a vehicle to strengthen their physical and emotional wellbeing, build self-confidence, and achieve academic success.

Last Tuesday Adventure Journal, an online magazine devoted to outdoor adventure, posted an article titled “The Most Influential Women in Cycling. From racers to designers to activists, here are the women bringing the industry into the 21st century.” Alongside 10 other female trailblazers, Julie is featured as a leader who followed her passion to do good for others, quitting her corporate job to start CYCLE Kids and help children achieve healthier more successful futures.

Now in its 11th year running, CYCLE Kids is committed to strengthening the emotional and physical health of children by giving them the skills to lead active and healthy lifestyles, using the fun and practical skill of riding a bike. The CYCLE Kids program reaches thousands of children each year and is in 45 schools in 8 states. Every school that has received a CYCLE Kids program is still actively teaching it.

 “Being that cycling has been such an influential activity for me,” says Julie, “it is a huge honor to be recognized as an influential woman in the cycling world.”

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CYCLE Kids is an independent, nonprofit organization founded on the idea that good health is holistic.  : nutrition, physical activity, intellectual stimulation, and emotional well-being are all related facets of overall wellness. The organization continuously works to strengthen children’s emotional and physical health through a comprehensive bicycling and nutrition program, setting them on a path to a healthier future. To learn more visit

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