Why CYCLE Kids Works

Since 2004, we have changed the lives of children through the empowering, simple, and fun act of riding a bike. The magic of our program is the innovative combination of cycling, nutrition, and emotional education. Research has shown that school-based interventions, like the CYCLE Kids program, can improve a child’s health and academic performance. A child makes better choices and focuses better in the classroom when physically and emotionally strong.

  • BIKe to Academic success
    Children learn how to ride a bike and how to ride safely on the road, gaining confidence that leads to more children biking to school. When children participate in daily physical activity, it improves concentration and behavior, having a positive effect on their performance in the classroom.

  • eat well to feel well
    Nutrition lessons, woven into the curriculum, give students the skills they need to make healthy eating choices, both at home and at school. Research in the American Journal of Public Health has shown that good nutrition leads to an overall increase in academic performance.

Learning how to ride a bike made me feel like I can do anything!
— 5th grade CYCLE Kids student

Our curriculum teaches 4th- and 5th-grade students lifelong biking and nutrition skills. The program is designed to be integrated into a school's physical education and academic class curriculum.

Schools are provided with all the materials needed to teach the program, including bikes and helmets. The CYCLE Kids program is research-based and meets national core learning standards for physical education and academics.

Through our long standing relationship with Boston University, and under the direction of a professor at the BU Sargent College, graduate students piloted the program in a few select schools in the Boston area.  Partnering with PE teachers, they developed the first CYCLE Kids school based curriculum.  Our collaboration at BU continues today as we constantly review and refine the program.

“CYCLE Kids” working together on in-class activities

“CYCLE Kids” working together on in-class activities

The CYCLE Kids program is so well received, our students beg for more time to ride the bikes. We now have a zero period where children can come in at 7 AM and practice riding before school begins. Teachers love this because our ‘CYCLE Kids’ are the most focused children in class.”

We make it easy to teach the CYCLE Kids program with comprehensive training and ongoing support.

We want to help teachers achieve their mission of making an impact on the lives of their students. CYCLE Kids provides the tools, training, and ongoing support to help teachers build a foundation to encourage their students to enjoy lifelong physical activity and emotional wellbeing.

100% of students learn how to ride bikes

100% of students learn how to ride bikes

The CYCLE Kids program reaches beyond the classroom and into the community.

At CYCLE Kids, we truly believe the success of our program involves the support of the community. Community led biking field trips to a local museum, after school bike clubs, or bike rodeos all connect children to adults who can become mentors.

For example, inviting police officers to partner with schools to teach the CYCLE Kids program gives officers an opportunity to build positive, personal relationships with children while having fun biking together. In some communities, this has led to the police officers taking kids out on bike rides throughout the city or organizing a Bike to School Day event where they escort children to and from school.


Open a CYCLE Kids Program

It’s easy to open a CYCLE Kids program. Contact us to purchase a program for your school. Financial assistance is available on a select basis.