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The Cost of Skipping Your Workout

Almost 100% of the clients I work with have struggled, at one time or another, with committing to a regular workout routine. The most common excuse? Lack of time. Skipping a workout (or many) often left them feeling guilty and shameful. When I asked why they felt that way, more often than not, they did not have a specific reason. They just knew they “should” be exercising and they weren’t. 

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Does Your Dog Need a Fitness Tracker?

Last year I talked the Executive Director of CYCLE Kids into purchasing a FitBit. I was in a heated “step” competition with family and friends, and wanted to see how Julie’s active lifestyle measured up. She bought one right away and came into the office the next week… “Puck has been walking 10,000 steps a day!” Puck is her Bernese Mountain Dog.

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