Biking Infrastructure Promotes Community Health


If you’ve been in a major city lately, you may have noticed that bike share programs and bike lanes are popping up everywhere. The new biking infrastructure has so many benefits for community health. It is making biking safer and more accessible than ever.

Bike share systems, such as the CITI bikes in New York City and the HUB bikes in Boston, are convenient, affordable, and encourage people to bike to work and for recreation. Bike stations throughout these cities allow you to bike to and from different neighborhoods, dock your bike safely at the station, and go about your day.

In addition to bike share systems, bike lanes are another important piece of biking infrastructure in cities and towns. Biking in traffic can be nerve racking and dangerous, but bike lanes allow for cyclists to share the road safely with vehicles.

The combination of bike share systems and bike lanes is a recipe for a healthy community. More people are incorporating physical activity into their daily routines through bike share systems, and they’re able to do so safely with the addition of bike lanes to the streets. Riding a bike also makes you feel happier. The increase in biking infrastructure is a physically and emotionally healthy addition to a community.

We are proud to work with communities through our CYCLE Kids program to ensure future generations of children will be able to take advantage of bike share programs, leading to healthier and happier communities across the country.

Have you tried out your local bike share system and bike lanes? Let us know how you like them and how you feel after ditching your car for a bike commute!