Keep Your Pet Safe When the Temperature Rises


Summer is a great time to get outside and play with your pets! But while you’re enjoying the warm weather, it’s important to remember to find ways to stay cool—for yourself and your pets. While summertime heat can be rough for us humans, it is even worse for our four-legged friends! Pets do not sweat like humans do, making it harder for them to stay cool and increasing the risk of overheating.

Here are some tips to keep your pet safe and happy during the hot weather:

  1. Don’t forget that your animal needs to hydrate, too! Be sure to bring extra water for your pet and a bowl that they can easily drink out of when outside.

  2. Find shady spots where your pet can find some relief from the hot sun. This will keep their body temperature lower.

  3. Know the signs of dehydration in your pet:

    • Heavy panting

    • Dry or bright red gums

    • Thick drool

    • Vomiting

    • Diarrhea

    • Wobbly legs

  4. Never leave your pet in the car. Temperatures can climb to dangerous numbers in a few minutes in cars during the summer, leaving your pet at high risk for heat stroke.

  5. Pets can get sunburns too! Apply pet-safe sunscreen to spots that are not covered by hair, like their ears, stomachs, and nose if they will be exposed to the sun, or consider putting a light t-shirt on them.

  6. Protect your pet’s paws. Try to keep your pet’s feet off of the hot cement, which can burn the pads of their feet. If you live where it’s not easy to keep your pet’s feet off hot cement, consider a boots that will protect their feet from the heat.

Follow these guidelines and your pet will be loving summertime as much as you!

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