Home Workout: Bodyweight HIIT

Avoid jam-packed gyms this new year and try a bodyweight HIIT workout at home!  HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. If you are not a fan of sustained steady-state cardio, you will love this workout format. Short “sprints” of exercise followed by rest periods gets your heart working hard. Not only is HIIT fast-paced and more engaging than steady-state cardio, but it allows you to incorporate some strength training into your workouts! Whether you’re trying to burn off some extra holiday goodies or just avoiding the post-New Years gym crowd, you’ll love this challenging workout!


Before starting the workout, make sure you are in an open space that allows you to jump comfortably, and take two large steps in each direction. You will need a water bottle, timer, music, and an exercise mat.

To perform this workout, you will follow the 20/30/40 format. Perform exercise 1) for 20 seconds, followed by 10 seconds of rest. Continue on to perform the same exercise for 30 seconds with another 10 seconds of rest. Finally, repeat the same exercise again but with 40 seconds of exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest. After the 40 second round, rest for 30 seconds. You will then move on to exercise 2), continuing the same pattern. Continue down the list until you have completed the sixth exercise. Rest for two minutes and complete the entire circuit 1-2 more times!

Aren’t familiar with some of the exercises below? Simply click the name of the exercise, and watch the demonstration video!

20/30/40 HIIT Workout

    1. Fast high knees in place

    2. Alternating lunges

    3. Pushups

    4. Rocket jumps

    5. Mountain climbers

    6. Bicycle crunch