Family Home Workout

Photo by LightFieldStudios/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by LightFieldStudios/iStock / Getty Images

Setting time aside each day for a workout at the gym is a nice thought, but is often not feasible for busy parents. Doing a family home workout is a fantastic solution to all of your fitness problems! You will get your workout in, spend some quality time with your children, and introduce them to exercise as a part of a healthy lifestyle (bonus points for tiring them out!).

This full-body workout doesn’t require any equipment, and is set up to be as easy or challenging as needed.  This is great because it allows a whole family of all different ages and fitness levels to go at their own pace.

To get children and young teenagers more excited about participating in the workout, you can turn it into a family challenge. For example, perform the workout together once per week for one month.  Keep track on a scoreboard of how many times each person can complete the circuit in the given time. Whoever has the most completed circuits by the end of the month is the winner!

The Workout

First, you'll need to find an open space to complete the workout. This could be indoors or outdoors. Be wary of slipper floors and sharp corners, and be sure each person has enough room to fully extend his/her arms without touching any pieces of furniture, walls, or other people. If you are unable to find an adequate space in your home, many community centers and gyms have large open spaces available for public use!

The workout itself is simple. Use the following chart for workout instructions and a description of each exercise.