7 Holiday Gifts For the Snow

If you’re a lover of outdoor activities, snow can sometimes put a wrench in the plans you had to run, walk, or bike. However, there are a number of activities you can do in the snow that are fun and active, and don’t feel at all like exercise! Plus, these activities also make great holiday gifts for the kids (or adults) in your life. Here are our top 7 picks:

Snow Art Kit

Nothing gets the creative juices flowing like a blank canvas. And a fresh snowfall is the perfect opportunity make art, with snow paint! This kit includes both markers and molds designed to be used for making unique creations in the snow.


We couldn’t leave out a good ol’ fashion sled! Nothing beats the rush of running up a hill covered in snow and riding down as fast as you can! Even though sledding can be a moderate to high intensity activity, it’s much more fun than running on the treadmill.

Snowball Maker

Everybody loves a good snowball fight. Now, you can make perfectly spherical snowballs. If your kids aren’t old enough to participate in a snowball fight responsibly, you can even use these to practice hitting a target, like a tree or a bull’s eye you draw in the snow with your Snow Art Kit!

Indoor Snowball Fight

Live somewhere warm? Try this indoor snowball fight kit! These snowballs are much softer, and great for younger kids as well.

Build a Snow Castle

Castles aren’t only for sand! Use this snow castle making kit to make anything from a wall to a fancy igloo. Not only does this promote physical activity, but can help kids practice math, problem solving, and team building skills.

Snowman Making Kit

While a lot of the items in this kit you might be able to find around the house, having it all in one place certainly makes it easier! This kit includes everything from a top hat, a (faux) carrot nose, and a scarf.

Snow Scooter

Want to sled but don’t have a hill or enough snow? This snow scooter is the perfect alternative. It’s just like a regular scooter but instead of wheels, has gliders on the bottom. Ride around for fun or race your friends using your legs as the motor!

Which gift will you give? If you buy any of these items using the links above, you also give a small donation to CYCLE Kids, at no extra cost to you! This means you can have a little fun while supporting a cause you love!