5 Moves, 5 Minutes: A Quick and Easy Workout for People on the Move

Want to workout but have no time? We know that squeezing in time to exercise can be challenging. Adding on the time it takes to get to and from the gym or a fitness class can make keeping healthy seem like an impossible feat.

The workout we have for you today is 5 simple moves, and it takes just 5 minutes. You don’t need any equipment and you can do this workout anywhere, even a hotel room! Have more than 5 minutes? Repeat the workout 2 or more times through to really break a sweat, build muscle, and burn calories.

Here’s how it works:

You’ll repeat each exercise for one full minute, then quickly move on to the next exercise. The goal is to move on to the next exercise as quickly as possible without resting in-between. If you plan to repeat the workout more than once, rest for 1 minute between circuits.

In the gifs below, Jessi shows you how to perform each exercise. Below, you'll find a description with further explanation, along with instructions on how to modify each exercise if needed. Of course, listen to your body, take a break if you need to, and do the best you can!

Please remember to consult with your physician before participating in an exercise program.

Move #1

Jump Roper: You don't need a jump rope to do this one! Get those arms swinging and start jumping. Stand up straight and keep the core muscles in tight. Remember to keep the knees soft and land lightly on the feet. 

Modifications: If you want to keep this low impact, just march the feet in place, but keep the arms moving.

Move #2

Squat: Keeping the feet parallel, and a little bit wider than hip-width apart, bend the knees and send the hips back into your squat. Think as if you are sitting back into a chair. It's important to keep the weight in your heels and the knees over the ankles. Keep the chest lifted and the abdominals engaged. 

Move #3

Squat Jumping Jack: Start in a shallow squat position (you don't have to go as low as move #2). Jump out into a wide squat, and then back to a narrow squat, keeping the knees slightly bent the whole time. Make sure you are sitting into your heels every time you land.

Modifications: to keep this low impact, maintain the shallow squat position, and just step the right leg out, then the left leg out, right leg in, left leg in. You can also alternate between the full version and modified version until you can work your way up to a full minute here!

Move #4

Plank: This exercise works the whole body. Make sure to keep your shoulders over your wrists, your spine long, and your abdominals drawing in. Imagine you are pushing the ground away from you to keep your shoulders in place. Your instinct will be to hold your breath here, but remember to breathe. 

Modifications: If this position is too difficult to hold for a minute, you can come onto the knees, and if you have any pain or pressure in the wrists, you can do this position on your forearms. 

Move #5

Pushup: Keep the hands wider than your shoulders, and in line with your chest. Keeping the hips down, abdominals drawing in, and shoulder blades sliding away from the head, bend the elbows on an inhale, and exhale to push back up. If you're new to pushups, it doesn't matter how far down you go, just focus on your breathing. You can do this on your knees (like above), or on your toes.

Modifications: The above version shown above is the modified version! Again, if you can't keep moving for the full minute, try to hold the pushup position to start building your strength and endurance. To advance this move, you will do this on your toes.

How'd you do? Let us know in the comments below!