CYCLE Kids is Committed to working with schools to ensure the basic rights of children to a physically and emotionally Healthy start in life.


Meet one of our principals

Hear an Inspiring Story About a Boy Whose Life Was Changed by CYCLE Kids

"Riding a bike was the first thing he really ever thought he was the best at."

—Principal Barbara O'Brien


How it works

CYCLE Kids harnesses the excitement of riding a bike to put children on a path to success.

The CYCLE Kids program improves the lives of children by increasing confidence, self-esteem, and overall well-being—all through the experience of learning to ride a bike and make healthy eating choices!

Our goal is to help all children realize that exercise and good nutrition supports physical and emotional health.



Since 2004, CYCLE Kids has led the way in bike Education in schools and has a powerful, proven Impact on children and communities

The CYCLE Kids program is an example of our efforts in the community to invest in the future of our children. By starting to educate children at a young age to make healthy choices, we are helping them create the foundation they need to become healthy, successful adults. We are thrilled to have received this program for our children.
— David Maher, Mayor of Cambridge MA

Our Story

CYCLE Kids was founded in 2004 as an after-school program. Since then, in collaboration with Boston University, we have grown into a comprehensive curriculum taught in classrooms nationwide.

Our Success

CYCLE Kids has sustainably impacted communities across the country and helped them give their children a foundation upon which to become confident teenagers and adults.

The CYCLE Kids program helped our whole class become better friends. It was because everyone had so much fun that we opened up to each other.
— 5th Grade CYCLE Kids Student


Together, we can help more children be successful by providing an opportunity for physical, social, and emotional development!


Make a Donation

Your tax-deductible donation to CYCLE Kids goes directly towards funding our existing programs and opening new programs!

Bring CYCLE Kids to Your Community

Partner with us to bring the CYCLE Kids program to your local elementary school. Financial aid is available on a select basis.

Buy a Bike or Helmet

Our bikes are designed with children of all ages in mind. And 5% of proceeds benefit CYCLE Kids!

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