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CYCLE Kids Spring Classic

CYCLE Kids Spring Classic

Thursday, May 04, 2017  

Please join us for an evening of food and wine prepared by the finest chefs in NYC to support local CYCLE Kids programs.


Meet our Honoree, Earl Walton!

Earl is the owner of Tailwind Endurance in NYC, an endurance sports training hub that offers classes, coaching, and community events. Over the past 16 years, Earl has worked side by side with athletes and other coaches to help athletes achieve goals that span completing a first triathlon, learning to swim, and qualifying for the Ironman World Championships. The guiding force behind years of finish lines is the simple belief that given the opportunity, anyone can achieve their goals.

Earl was drawn to CYCLE Kids because of the opportunity to teach a child a skill, introduce a habit of success, and then channel that success into healthy decisions.  He has seen how CYCLE Kids builds confident, focused, healthy kids through the simple act of learning how to ride a bicycle.  

As the father of two boys in NYC, Earl has witnessed that moment when feet leave the pavement and find the pedals. He has heard the giggle and laughter as the speed picks up. He has seen the smile take over fear and uncertainty as a child realizes that simple phrase: "I can do it.”

Earl believes you can measure the power of the bike during Tailwind Endurance classes, but you can't measure the power a bike can have on the life of a child.

CYCLE Kids is proud to honor Earl Walton of Tailwind Endurance for his dedication and commitment to our mission.

In additon to meeting Earl, join us and meet some amazing chefs!  We are thrilled to have the following chefs supporting our kids:  

  • Chef Seamus Mullen of Tertulia & El Colmado
  • Chef Marc Forgione of American Cut & Lobster Press 
  • Chef della Cucina Damian Franqui of Locanda Verde 
  • Chef Joe Vigorito of L’Artusi 
  • Chef James Botsacos of Rainbow Room 
  • Chef Amitzur Mor of Barbounia 
  • Head Baker Baye Niang & Pastry Chef Jack Darmanin of Zaro's 
  • Shake Shack 

For sponsorship opportunities, call Susan Brecker 617.661.0908 or email