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The CYCLE Kids Fit Kids are Happy Kids Grant

Thank you for applying for the Fit Kids Are Happy Kids Grant to obtain a CYCLE Kids Program! The grant was established to provide a Program to a school or organization that would otherwise not have been able to purchase a Program outright. Our Program is founded on the premise that good health is holistic: nutrition, physical activity, intellectual stimulation, and emotional well-being are all related facets of overall wellness. CYCLE Kids uses a comprehensive curriculum that teaches not just the skill and safe practices of riding a bike, but also how to make good nutrition choices; incorporating physical activity, reading, and writing skills.

The Program

The Program, designed for 4th and 5th grade students, can be taught during physical education classes or in after school programs. CYCLE Kids recommends the Program be taught for at least eight class sessions, a minimum of 1 hour each session. A CYCLE Kids Program costs $15,000 and includes the following:

  • A license agreement with CYCLE Kids
  • Teacher guidebooks
  • Teacher training
  • 50 student textbooks
  • 10 bicycles
  • 25 helmets

Grant Guidelines

Only eligible organizations may apply (public or private schools, including charter schools or after school programs affiliated with a community center, such as a YMCA, that serves 4th and 5th grade students).

  • The grant is worth $15,000, which covers the cost of the Program.
  • Only one application per organization can be submitted.
  • Applications will only be accepted through our online system.

After our March 3, 2014 deadline, we will begin our selection process. We are looking for organizations that are most in need financially, and who show the commitment to and support for the health and wellness of their kids, which will be determined by applications and follow-up phone calls. Additionally, we are looking for organizations who will try to include local safety officials, teachers, or parents in the Program, as community involvement is a vital part of Program sustainability.

Grant Recipients

Grant recipients will sign an agreement committing to:

  • Implementing the Program within six months of the date of the grant.
  • Teaching the entire program each year for a minimum of three years.
  • Purchasing a student textbook for each student in subsequent years (no photocopies).
  • Having at least one teacher complete the training provided by CYCLE Kids.
  • Participating in pre- and post-program surveys to help us collect data and improve the Program.
  • Allow employees and volunteers of CYCLE Kids to attend Program sessions upon request of CYCLE Kids.

In addition to providing the Program materials, CYCLE Kids will provide support throughout the implementation process and celebrate with the organization as they watch their students become “CYCLE Kids”.

If you have questions or need help, please call us at 617-661-0908 or email us at Thank you for applying, and welcome to the CYCLE Kids community!

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