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March 12, 2014

Strong Support. Amazing Kids. Letters to Michelle Obama.

Learn why 5th grade students at the Morse School in Cambridge, MA think children all over the United States should have a CYCLE Kids program in their community.

Cambridge, MA – Since 2005, CYCLE Kids has been present in the Cambridge Elementary School system. Starting as an after-school program, the CYCLE Kids curriculum has become a mandatory component of physical education classes for all elementary schools. 

Morse School staff members, Principal Vincent Mili and Physical Education Teacher Theresa O’Connor, largely advocate the implementation of the CYCLE Kids program. Their students participate in CYCLE Kids classes in both the 4th and 5th grade. Recently, CYCLE Kids worked with the Morse School and their 5th graders to write letters about their CYCLE Kids experience to Michelle Obama in recognition of her nationwide ‘Let’s Move’ initiative that is also working combat childhood obesity. What we received were powerful and honest words that were truly inspiring.

Letters from Morse School students show:

Student’s favorite parts of the CYCLE Kids program include:

  • Getting active and enjoying the fresh air
  • Socializing with classmates
  • Learning about healthy eating

Children are teaching their families:

  • Hand Signals
  • Heart Rate
  • Road Safety

 Children report the CYCLE Kids program increases:

  • Self-confidence
  • Strong relationships between classmates
  • Desire to ride a bike outside of school 

Quotes From The Kids

"CYCLE Kids is a program that helps teach students to ride bikes, work hard, and to eat nutritiously."

"I personally think that this program helped our whole class become better friends. It was because everyone had so much fun that they opened up to others."

" I think that CYCLE Kids would be a great benefit for schools all over the United States because these days, so many American children have become caught up in all these electronics, especially with new ones coming out so often. I think that every child who attends school in the U.S. should get exercise daily, and that is what CYCLE Kids brings to students."

To see the full gallery of letters from the Morse School students, click here: Letters to Michelle Obama.pdf


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