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April 27, 2011

Giant Moving Company, CYCLE Kids Partner

 “Natural” is the word that comes to mind when president and founder, Larry O’Toole, talks about his decision to incorporate charitable work into the culture at Gentle Giant Moving Company. Larry believes every business should be involved in making the world a better place -- it should be as routine as processing payroll or scheduling hours. In 2005, Larry and his team established the Gentle Giant Charitable Foundation to strengthen their community involvement. The foundation is built on two important values: youth leadership development through athletics and education, and housing assistance. Partnerships with five non-profit organizations in the six short years of its existence prove that the foundation is already a “giant” success.

The notion of cultivating responsibility for and within communities is a founding principle for Gentle Giant’s Charitable Foundation. Larry believes that if we all do our part to make the next generation a little better, children will realize they should be taking responsibility for helping others as well. Larry notes that one of his employees, who recognized how the culture of generosity at Gentle Giant helped him once before, offered to use his bonus money as a seed for starting a scholarship. It is evidence that the value of giving back has become contagious at Gentle Giant and continues to grow each day.

Larry was always active as a child and his strenuous work proves that his passion for health and fitness has continued into his adult life. Knowing that obese and overweight children do not enjoy physical activities and could easily be injured, Larry believes it is critical to teach children to enjoy being active early. This investment, he feels, will inevitably lead them to lifelong health, strength and confidence.


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