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April 17, 2011

CYCLE Kids Marathon Team Runs the 115th Boston Marathon

What an extraordinary day for the CYCLE Kids Boston Marathon Team to run this 115th race! Blue skies, perfect temperatures, and a historic skyline backdrop set the scene as the team proudly geared up in their CYCLE Kids singlets, adjusted the laces on their sneakers, and prepared for the big run. Each runner looked strong and determined as they traversed the route bordered by 26.2 miles of bustling Boston pride.

All 16 members of the marathon team proved their impressive athleticism and willpower as they successfully crossed the finish line. Much like the 2009 and 2010 marathon teams, the 2011 group was outstanding in both their training and fundraising efforts, and will continue to be an inspiration to teams in the future. Their fundraising efforts will reach hundreds more children through a CYCLE Kids program.

We like to especially note three team members, Amy Kerdok, Dave Nierenberg, and Stewart Ellis, who have been involved with CYCLE Kids from the very beginning. They met Julie back in 2004 as leaders of the Harvard cycling team, where Julie coached. Their encouragement, motivation, and inspirational ideas initiated the beginnings of CYCLE Kids and what it has become today.

Thank you to all of the dedicated members of the 2011 marathon team. We are so proud of them and happy to have them as part of the CYCLE Kids community!


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