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December 12, 2012

CYCLE Kids Announces Olympian Evelyn Stevens Assumes Role as Director of Outreach


CYCLE Kids celebrates new partnership with Stevens to enrich the health of children through bicycling

Cambridge, MA, USA (December 12, 2012) – US Olympian and professional cyclist Evelyn Stevens and CYCLE Kids have deepened their relationship, aimed at helping make lasting healthy lifestyle choices through bicycling.  Stevens, a professional cyclist currently ranked #4 in the World UCI rankings, rides for Team Specialized lululemon, and will assume the role of Director of Outreach, promoting CYCLE Kids as she travels and competes around the world.

“Biking changed my life, I not only found a new profession, I discovered a whole new world filled with joy, happiness, and health.  I believe every child should have the opportunity to learn about the powers of the bike, and a fit and active lifestyle.” Said Stevens, “I am excited to work with CYCLE Kids and promote their mission to change the lives of children through the bike.” 

In a few short weeks, Stevens and Team Specialized lululemon helped CYCLE Kids raise the funds needed to implement the CYCLE Kids curriculum at two New York City schools, PS257 and PS157, in Bedford-Stuyvesant. These programs will join the growing CYCLE Kids community, touching thousands of schoolchildren annually with the complementary goals of exercise, nutrition, and bike safety.

“I am very excited to partner with Evie to expand CYCLE Kids programming to New York City, and to work together on our National growth plan. Her support and that of Team Specialized lululemon will be integral to our growth.” says the Executive Director of CYCLE Kids, Julianne Idlet.  “We are thrilled to begin our partnership by having the children of NYC join the thousands of children who call themselves a “CYCLE Kid!”

Since 2004, CYCLE Kids has offered an innovative program proven to increase physical activity, nutritional intelligence, and social growth. The program is intergraded into public school systems where 4th & 5th grade children are provided bikes and helmets, and taught how to lead healthy lives while having fun. The lessons taught are intended to encourage the development of lasting healthy lifestyle choices. Both children and parents benefit from the program, and in turn communities are strengthened.

About CYCLE Kids
CYCLE Kids is dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of children through an innovative, community-based educational program.  Dedicated to reversing the current trends of childhood obesity, the CYCLE Kids curriculum teaches kids the importance of being physically active and making good nutrition choices.  The curriculum, based on experiential and academic learning, enhances literacy lessons and creates an opportunity for mentoring. Using the simple joy of riding a bike, the program empowers children to develop positive, safe, and active lifelong habits. The program currently benefits at-risk populations in the greater Boston and New York City areas, and is expanding nationally.

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About Evelyn Stevens
Evelyn Stevens is a professional cyclist for Team Specialized lululemon. She competed in her first Summer Olympics in 2012. Evie’s rapid ascent through the ranks can only be compared to the speed at which she climbs, leading to historic victories such as winning Fleche Wallone. After only a few months of training in 2008, she competed as a novice in the vertiginous Green Mountain stage race and finished four minutes ahead of the professionals. This performance caught the attention of USA cycling director of athletics Jim Miller. Soon enough, Jim was not the only one to take notice. By 2009 Evie had left Wall Street to take up cycling as a full-time profession. It is her remarkable physiology and intellect that has propelled Evie to the top of her sport. From NYC CRCA club races to the Olympics in just four short years, Evie’s story is inspiring to people of all ages.

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Julianne Idlet
CYCLE Kids, Inc.
5 JFK Street
Cambridge, MA  02138
Phone: 617-661-0908



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