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February 6, 2011

Cambridge Joins the Let's Move Initiative

We are excited to announce that Cambridge has been asked to participate in Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move Initiative. Dr. Howard Koh, the United States Assistant Secretary of Health, joined CYCLE Kids and around 150 others in celebrating Cambridge being the newest addition to the 500 Let’s Move communities!

During the event, Dr. Koh gave a speech emphasizing “good health care arises not just from treatment in a doctor’s office, but as importantly or even more importantly, where people live.” The movement seems to be gaining momentum; many changes that encourage more people to lead healthy lifestyles are in process. One law hopes to reform zoning laws to make it easier to preserve open space, build affordable housing and mixed-use developments in community centers, and ensure that cities and towns are “more livable and walkable” with sidewalks and accommodations for bicycles. Dr. Koh also discussed another impressive piece of legislation that would require 150 minutes per week of physical education for kids in grades K-5, and 225 minutes for those in grades 6-12. That would be an amazing improvement for so many of the schools in this area, and would benefit the CYCLE Kids mission.

Contributing to the spirit of the day, 40 5th-graders from the Haggerty School performed a Salsa dance to show how much their school is dedicated to this initiative.


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