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March 27, 2011

Barry and Daniella, CYCLE Kids Marathoners and Supporters

Barry Adelman is no rookie when it comes to long-distance running; he has completed more than 10 marathons on his home turf of New York. Running was far from a favorite hobby of Barry’s when he began to hit the streets back in 1978, but he teamed up with a friend and law partner and they set out to enjoy good weather and run a couple miles each day. After consistently running those few miles, another friend recommended increasing their distance. Accepting the challenge, Barry and his running partner boosted the distance of their runs and – to their surprise – enjoyed every extra mile! Thus began their running careers and propelled them into the world of marathons.

In 2007, after the tragic death of a close friend, Cindy, and a break from running, Barry decided to grab his sneakers once again and run the New York City Marathon in her honor. Cindy was herself a dedicated athlete and loved anything that promoted health and fitness. By partnering together, Cindy and Barry’s families created a foundation to commemorate her life and support programs that encouraged active, healthy lifestyles – programs much like CYCLE Kids!

After starting the foundation and jumping back into the world of running, Barry was encouraged by a long-time family friend, Daniella Hirschfeld, to run the Boston Marathon as part of the CYCLE Kids team. Running for CYCLE Kids was a chance for Barry to achieve two things: running for a charity that reflected Cindy’s values, and completing the Boston Marathon.

Daniella is also a long-distance runner; she was part of the second CYCLE Kids marathon team in 2010 and continues to show her dedicated support for the cause. For Daniella, it wasn’t just about the race: she felt strongly that the goals of CYCLE Kids deserved support. She is especially proud that CYCLE Kids teaches critical safety skills – the same safety precautions that she used to avoid a potentially serious injury just a day before the Boston Marathon. Because of her helmet, Daniella ran the next day from Hopkinton to Boston with the sounds of her fan club cheering her on.

Barry and Daniella are evidence of the vibrancy of the ever-expanding CYCLE Kids community.


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